About Roger Howard

Imagine waking up one day and without warning, discovering that you have a hidden talent that you were not aware of. Imagine picking up a pencil, and within a short span of time, drawing as if you had been taking lessons for years. Then, imagine picking up a paint brush and painting astounding works of art that not only astound friends and family, but astounds you as well. Then imagine all of these artistic abilities happening within the short span of 4 years! Is this too good to be true?  No! Enter the magnificent world of Roger Howard, also known as “Golden Hand.”

Self taught artist extraordinaire, Roger Howard was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. He was an average boy, who loved playing sports, and doing regular activities that kids enjoy in childhood. He had no knowledge of, or desire to paint, or draw, nor did he have interest in one day becoming a professional artist. By chance, or by God’s divine plan, Roger picked up a pencil one day, and began to draw. Drawing exactly what he saw as a reference document amazed those who witnessed his early drawings. Roger utilized charcoal, pastels, and color and graphite pencils. He mastered these mediums in two years. Upon viewing various professional artists on YouTube tutorials, Roger became fascinated and intrigued with the world of painting. He then began experimenting with acrylics and oil mediums. As his mind expanded, so did the subjects of his oil paintings.  He mastered painting portraits as commissions, as well as other public figures such as athletes, actors, musicians, and anything that was put before him. Roger is indeed a rare talent and extremely disciplined. He is known to spend hours on just one eye of his oil paintings. What might take others years to master, took him less than two years to learn, then create awesome oil paintings that wow those who experience his art.

Now imagine on of these marvelous works of art in your home or business. Or perhaps you would like to commission him to paint your likeness or that of someone you love. You will not be disappointed with Roger’s work which will be admired and enjoyed for years to come!